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Hello Everyone.

Thank you for dropping by.

We are Barbara and Anthony in Australia.

On 11 December 2006, with not much money and ‘a little help from our friends’, we embarked on our challenging self-funded journey ― to commercialise the instagami ‘origamics’ invention.

Looking back, it’s been an unforeseeable [and unbelievable] ‘long and winding road’ for us and instagami. And along the way, every small achievement gave us the hope we needed to keep going, continually seeing our dream as a reality.

Now, instagami® is…

Patented and with trademarks registered in major world regions, including in the USA.

Restructured for efficient international expansion.

‘Chewing on the bit’ ready for leaving smiles on the faces of people all over the world.

The capital needed for instagami®'s commercialisation is available.  We selected ‘Debt Capital’ because ‘Equity Capital’ required us to pass control of our dream to other parties. However, debt capital is conditional on us firstly obtaining for instagami® what is known as ‘Market Validation’ evidence.

Our final challenge now is getting that evidence, and we have chosen ‘Crowdfunding’ as the way to obtain it.  We see ‘Crowdfunding’ as most appropriate because it is a worldwide community who is assessing us… a Community whose power can quickly help us obtain the needed evidence.

We’ve gone the distance we believe we need to go to get 'your support'.  In the ‘FAQ’ section, you will find answers to stuff which we ourselves would like to know if we were asked for the same support.

Check us out!

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Thank you!


​Anthony & Barbara