How did the idea for instagami come about?

The idea for instagami was borne of a ‘necessity’. It was [Barbara Vinecombe's] way for steering her mind away from ‘depression’. She did so by focusing her mind completely on creating a new, unique interactive 3D card …with a built-in ‘wow’ factor. Initially in a design to suit an 'angel artwork', Barbara imagined her origami card ‘flying’ all over the world inspiring people and conveying messages of peace, hope and happiness.

When did instagami start?

R&D started in 2005.

Where does the name ‘instagami’ come from?

The name ‘instagami’ is a blend of the words ‘instant’ and ‘origami’.

Why was instagami patented?

1. The novelty of instagami needed official validation. IP protection was also needed for the 'one-of-a-kind' of its mechanics (how it works) in its many applications - including the uniqueness of an interactive origami 'greeting' card;

2. 10% of the profits from worldwide sales of instagami is being donated to NFP organisations directly active in ecological restoration, land regeneration, and other projects which improve the quality standard of all life on Earth.

3. 100% of the net proceeds [of specially designed fundraising projects] will be made available to NFP's with a need for a specific purpose funding.

In the interest of protecting exclusiveness and uniqueness in our commercial and charitable endeavours, we chose to secure IP protection for instagami in all major world regions.

Is instagami different from digital greeting cards?

Yes. instagami is ‘IS physical , NOT digital'. It is an interactive 3D origami card. [The 3D transformation is instantly done …by you.]

Is instagami unique and completely different from traditional paper greeting cards that ‘open & shut’ or ‘pop up’?

Yes! instagami adds a ‘New Dimension’ to art expression and to the conveying of one’s feelings through art. instagami is 'physical', it's interactive… instagami ‘bends, intrigues, and excites the mind’

Every instagami invokes your creativity as you interact with and transform them from a flat form into vibrant 3D images. This interactive instant origami transformation process - ‘How It Works’ - adds creativity and a special ‘WOW’ factor to the sending/giving and receiving of cards UNSEEN NOR AVAILABLE in traditional open & shut and pop-up greeting cards.

Are all instagami really made from only one piece of paper?

Yes! A tough one to believe, but all instagami origami cards are created from one single flat piece of paper that you transform into a 3D image…instantly!

A transformed instagami can reveal landscapes, oceanscapes, flora, fauna, landmarks, fantasy, ships and airplanes, football teams, critters and creatures, and so on. At instagami, imagination has no boundaries!

How does an instagami work?

Easily! You simply bend, lock, peel, flip and stick to reveal what the instagami design/artwork expresses. WOW! instagami ‘bends, intrigues, and excites the mind!’ ...and it leaves smiling faces wherever it goes!

What does an instagami’s ‘WOW’ factor feel like?

It’s an experience to be had. You’ve just got to have that feeling!

For very special occasions such as anniversaries, are there special instagami cards?

Yes. All instagami products are already special. For VERY special occasions, please submit your enquiry to

What other artwork and designs have you in mind for instagami?

Plenty! Walt Disney started with just a mouse ─ Barbara, started with an angel!

The instagami range to be rolled out in the ‘Market Validating' crowdfunding project will include Angels, Fairies, Rabbits, and Dragons artwork and designs. As we grow, our art/design range will have something for everybody.

Grow with us! We are inviting interest from artists and designers to create outstanding artwork and designs for extending our range. No surprise when you see art expressions in our portfolio such as abstracts, animals, cities and landmarks (like Corcovado in Rio, the Grand Canyon in the USA, Eiffel Tower in Paris, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney). Keep track of new stuff in our website and social media channels… or register now and be the first to receive updates direct from us as well as ‘Early Bird’ discounts of up to 40%.

What are the ‘special effects’ applied to instagami… are they biodegradable and eco-friendly?

Our award-winning embellisher craftsman, John Rushgrove (FSEA Gold Leaf Awards “Best on Show”) will skillfully design the embossing dies of each instagami range. The embossing process requires two dies: one that is raised and one that is recessed, with Arjowiggins flat paper stock between them. Then… pressure of up to 300 tonnes is instantly applied. Ouch!!! This creates a ‘raised-effect’ to the paper stock bringing life and vibrancy to shapes and colours of the artwork, thereby further enhancing the artist’s artwork.

Now you know how instagami’s special effects are created. We do not use any non-biodegradable material (more information in Environmental and Community Responsibilities section of this FAQ).

Where is instagami located?

instagami is currently located in Australia and Singapore… and after its ‘Market Validation’ ilaunch it could be in your country too!

What other instagami products do you have besides the ‘perks’ to be offered in instagami's 'Market Validation' launch?

After ‘Market Validation’ launch, we will progressively roll out…

  • Other ‘out of this world’ instagami design ranges, such as our ‘G.O.D.’ (Gradients of Difficulty) range; and

  • Innovative instagami adaptations to gift cards, storybooks, colouring books, wedding and party invitations, table setting cards, educational books and more.

Where will instagami products be manufactured?

  • Products to comprise the ‘Perks’ offered in the ‘Market Validation’ launch are being manufactured and shipped by a manufacturing/logistics ‘pilot’ we have in place in Melbourne, Australia.

  • After the ‘Market Validation’ launch, products will be locally manufactured in the regions where most demand exists. The ‘Market Validation’ analytics will provide us with this information.

When and where can I purchase instagami cards?

instagami origami cards and other origami products will become available in a ‘state of the art’ online store website being deployed after the 'Market Validation' launch. Upon our products becoming available at stores and vending machines, a ‘Product Location Directory’ will be shown in our website for offline purchases. These locations and the stock range will be trackable in your mobile devices.

Is the postage to send an instagami origami card the lowest possible rate?

YES! The envelope is a ‘Small Letter’ postage category, made from a specially designed die.

Do you ship to anywhere in the world?

Yes. Deliveries acn be made to all shipping addresses to which deliveries can be made by Australia Post.

Do you ship to Post Office Box addresses?

Yes. Up to 15kg per parcel.

How are your shipping fees calculated?

Shipping fees will be included in all instagami product prices. For ‘Perk’ deliveries in ‘Market Validation’ launch, we are using Australia Post and the minimum charges it makes available to us, enabling us to keep our shipping charges the lowest possible.

I am in the Armed Forces and am posted overseas  ―  What is the delivery time for my ‘Perks’?

The delivery times shown in the Kickstarter projectr page will appliy to Major City destinations. Please refer to the Administration Office of your Armed Services location for any additional delivery time to be added thereto. You can also nominate an alternative shipping address.

How long before we receive the ‘perks’ to be offered in your 'Market Validation'?

The Estimated Delivery date will be shown alongside the 'Perks’ being offered then. Thereafter, the estimated delivery dates will be shown in the online store website. instagami products willm also be progressively available at vending machines near you.

Is instagami friendly to Earth’s environment?

YES. All instagami products use 100% bio-degradable post-consumer waste recycled paper and vegie inks. Please see ‘Environmental and Community Responsibilities’ section of this FAQ.

What is the Relationship between instagami and imaginearth? is instagami’s initiative for making a difference in ecological restoration. Post-launch and from its 1st operating Financial Year, a perpetual donation of not less than 10% of instagami’s worldwide pre-tax profits is being donated to Read more in ‘Environmental and Community Responsibilties’ section of this FAQ.



What is your cancellation policy?

If you are unable to make your appointment, please reschedule or cancel at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. Failure to cancel or reschedule your appointment will result in a fee.

What if I'm going to be late?

I totally understand how life can get. Please shoot me a text as soon as you know you will be late. If your no more then 5-10 minutes late, we should be fine. Any longer, I might not be able to accomade everything we have planned for and in some instances we may have to reschedule.

What if i'm unhappy with my service?

If you are unhappy with your service, please contact me within 5 days.I take pride in my work and i will do what it takes to make the situation better. However, if we discuss multiple sessions in your consultation, not achieving desired results in one session does not result in a "redo". I truly want you to be happy with your hair, if there is an issue, i am willing to make it right.



Will instagami have its own Art & Design Awards?

After instagami's ‘Market Validation’ launch, we will announce the 'Origamics Art Awards' – an Art & Design Awards to be held by ("Origamics"). Origamics is an NFP to be established for promoting and acknowledging the skills and talents of artists worldwide.

Registration will be free, and financial incentives accompanying the awards will be found very appealing indeed.

How do I become an Artist/Designer for instagami?

Simple... write to with samples of your artwork, your full name and address, and tell us a bit about yourself. You will then be provided with an 'Artists' Artwork Agreement' for your review and completion.


Environmental and Community


Is instagami friendly to Earth’s environment?

YES! Innovation is a never-ending part of our being the best we can be at what we do for our customers, for the Earth’s environment, and for People’s communities everywhere.

Some of the eco-friendly material used in our production include 100% bio-degradable and post-consumer waste recycled paper, embossing special effects, and vegie inks. Solar-powered machinery will also be used for instagami’s manufacturing.

Through superior processes, excellence in developing and executing our business strategies, and never stopping learning & experimenting, we continuously investigate the best eco-friendly materials for our products.

What is the relationship between instagami and imaginearth?

In 1986, Anthony sought support for an idea he called ‘Earthlink’ – an ‘environmental restoration’ project to be funded by corporations/businesses, whose profits derived from the exploitation of natural resources. He proposed to these corporations/businesses that a donation of 10% of their pre-tax profits be applied for combating the accelerating land degradation in Western Australia, in particular the lands affected by farming and mining practices. Anthony approached business in the mining, real estate, and agriculture industries (he was then also engaged in mining and property, and his in-laws were sheep and wheat farmers).

Anthony’s Earthlink idea was unsupported – and he saw that an NFP by itself would not work. He needed another solution. When asked for his opinion, Ray Finlayson (the then Mayor of Kalgoorlie) said something to the effect of "...change your tactics - go and find something that the world already wants, make it better, less expensive, and share the profits with your cause."

In 2005, Don Francis, one of Anthony’s friends in Perth (Western Australia) introduced him to Barbara – the inventor of the instagami ‘origamics’. Right there and then, Anthony saw in the invention the ‘solution’ for helping “Mother Earth” …and all life on it!

And so, his Earthlink ‘dream’ now continues as ‘’… an NFP NGO body to be dedicated to the funding of ecological restoration. The structure will be formed following the successful completion of instagami’s 'Market Validation' launch, now being prepared. This time, to ‘crank’ up ‘Donation Chest’, instagami will ‘start the ball rolling’ with a perpetual donation of not less than 10% of its pre-tax profits from sales worldwide. More on Ecological Restoration, on sustainable practices enforcement, and on responsible management will become available in a website dedicated to ecological restoration to be deployednafter completion of the ‘instagami's Market Validation’ launch. You can register now to be the 'firsts' to receive updates or visit

Can I help imaginearth’s ecological restoration causes?

YES! You'll be doing that with your purchase of any instagami product (10% of profits are donated to ecological restoration causes). After instagami‘s ‘Market Validation' is completed, you will read all about it in Landing Page. You will have information on how you can join People from all corners of the Earth for together ‘imagining and creating’ our imaginearth’s Mission, Vision, and Values. A Facebook page dedicated to conversations on the eco-system condition in your regions, and on a system that together we can make work for reinstating the well-being of all life around us. In the interim, check it out now at https//